Manchester City FC looks to build team of innovators in sport technology

Called “Innovation in Sport”, the new competition will reportedly unearth creative ideas that have the potential to “forge real innovation”, following in the footsteps of now mainstream technology services in sport such as Hawk Eye in tennis and Prozone in football.

Ideas Britain is a platform connecting entrepreneurs with “expert” business coaches, but describes itself as “more than an incubator or fund”. It brings together mobile, gamification and social.

Going forward, the first 100 entries to the competition will be scrutinised by Ideas Britain business coaches so that those submitting early can gain expert advice before the full competition begins.

Andrew Gilligan, head of research and insights at Manchester City FC, which won the English Premier League title in 2011-12 and 2013-14, commented: “At Manchester City we are constantly looking for ways to introduce new and innovative ideas across all aspects of the club.

“Ideas Britain recognises the importance of opening the door to everyone to ensure that the best ideas get the attention they deserve, and we share their passion for providing young people in our local community with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to not only have their ideas heard, but also put into action.”

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The competition formal launches in October 2015 and will run until 15 December, after which winners will be announced on 15 January 2016. Those successful will have one-on-one mentor sessions with Ideas Britain coaches and the staff at Manchester City best studied to moving their idea forward.

Adam Shaw, founder and CEO of Ideas Britain, said: “Ideas Britain is hugely proud to be able to work with a partner like Manchester City, helping to extend such a rare opportunity to young entrepreneurs throughout the UK.
“Sport can be so unifying, and we want to tap into the insight and enthusiasm of young people everywhere – and make their best ideas for progress a reality.”

The partnership between Manchester City and Ideas Britain is the latest overlap between sport and business to occur in the British arena. In May, London club Chelsea announced it was joining forces with Westminster Kingsway College to blend football coaching with accounting apprenticeships. Students taking part in the apprenticeship programme receive access to a combination of an FA coaching course, academic study and a paid work placement with employers in the city.

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