Manufacturing Advisory Service: “utterly wasteful”

“SMEs and larger manufacturers that are still in business today have survived recessions, currency fluctuations, fuel-price hikes, unhelpful employment law and artificially-supported competition from overseas. Frankly, we don’t need another publicly-funded group of ‘advisers’,” says Tony Wilson, chairman of Chorley-based Klarius Group, which sells exhaust systems, catalytic converters, Lambda sensors and diesel particulate filters for vehicles across Europe.

Wilson says that government departments underestimate UK businesses – they’re obsessed with offering support and advice to companies who already know what they’re doing. “Manufacturing companies want political power to be used to change policy – and the law – to help them do business. We don’t need people to tell us how to do business.

“A Manufacturing Advisory Service is likely to be both patronising and wasteful. Its advisers aren’t likely to know more than companies know themselves. The government shouldn’t spend another £50m of tax payer’s money on an advisory council that UK manufacturing doesn’t need.”

The government last week issued an open letter (read it by clicking on the pdf below) to manufacturers asking for views on what the Manufacturing Advisory Service’s key priorities should be. Comments and suggestions about MAS can be submitted to until February 16.

Open letter to manufacturing stakeholders from BIS regarding the future of MAS.pdf

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