Maria Hatzistefanis

Name: Maria Hatzistefanis 

Age: 41 

Company: Rodial luxurious skincare products. I founded the label in 1999, taking advantage of a gap in the market for serious skincare made with natural ingredients.

Turnover: £15m

First job: Freelance beauty writer at Seventeen magazine. 

Dream job: Magazine editor.

Car: I use Addison Lee taxi service to go everywhere. 

Economy, business or first class: Business for work trips. First class for holidays. 

Most extravagant purchase: I like to invest in property, especially my family country house at the Cotswolds it’s worth it for the weekend getaways in the beautiful rural setting. 

Most played song on iPod: I love anything by Sam Cooke. 

Best business book: The Tipping Point is spot on in terms of how to create trends. 

Worst business moment: When I started Rodial Skincare, I packed all the orders myself. I hate packing. It’s great to see just how much the business has grown!

Proudest business moment: When our first targeted bodycare product, Rodial Tummy Tuck, really took off. All the hard work up to that moment felt like it was paying off. That was a massive achievement and something everyone now associates Rodial with. 

Business mentor: I wouldn?t say he is a mentor per se, but I always turn to my husband for support and advice in business. 

Next big thing: We have some fabulous new products in development but these are all top secret for now!

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