Marketing: a one-stop shop?

“Marketing today is so multi-faceted and people don’t want to have to deal with four different agencies. It’s much easier for clients if they can request an integrated campaign. There are times when they might want to turn various elements of a campaign on or off and we offer them the flexibility to be able to do that,” explains Pritchard.  

In going full-service, Total Marketing Network (TMN) offers clients every kind of below-the-line marketing which ranges from creative brand development through to web design. More recently, TMN has been focusing on combining all of the traditional marketing communications elements, including PR, with producing technological solutions for people.

“So we’ll develop a campaign concept and then we’ll marry that with the appropriate technology to either capture information or manage the whole campaign,” explains Pritchard who co-founded the company with Pete Burgess.

On the flip side of the coin, Pritchard says TMN’s full-service marketing approach also appealed to those in the industry.

“Both Burgess and I had been in marketing for some twenty years and over that time, we’d spoken to a lot of marketers who complained they get very bored of doing the same thing over and over again and were really excited by our offering. So we felt that the concept behind TMN was very ‘of its time’.”

Today the company employs 55 members in the UK and links to another 60 professionals in Europe. With turnover now standing at £1m, it markets for such heavyweights as AMD and ABN AMRO, and has recently won some major new contracts spanning the financial, IT, publishing and consumer markets.

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