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Undertaking training in marketing will give managers a broad exposure to this field, giving a greater understanding of what is involved in marketing strategy and how it impacts on the business. By understanding the role of marketing in business, managers should be able to see the impacts of marketing communications techniques on the development and expansion of a contemporary organisation.

An understanding of marketing strategies has two main advantages in business: creating innovative approaches to general issues and developing a sustainable competitive advantage. Here, marketing moves beyond effectively positioning your product or service in the marketplace and looks at how the business can be positioned to capitalise on opportunities in the market through innovation and creativity.

In the current climate where the marketplace is becoming more and more competitive, innovation is the key to setting your organisation apart from your competitors. With an understanding of marketing strategy you can start to look at sustaining that innovation to ‘future-proof’ your business and maintain relevance in a constantly changing market.

A basic understanding of marketing should look at the major policies that underlie the practice of marketing as well as looking at the social, economic and political implications of such policies. As these issues change, so will the implications of the marketing strategies. It is therefore important to understand the underlying principles of marketing and how to adapt them to individual situations rather than learning formulaic approaches to specific problems.

For brief introductions to this field through seminars or workshops, it is important that the knowledge gained is practically relevant to enable participants to translate it directly into their own business field. The best way to achieve this is to focus the teaching and learning around practical case studies and to involve examples from participants’ own experiences within their sector.

At the end of a period of training in marketing strategy, participants should be able to display the following skills:

•    To properly indentify and target markets for specific products or services.•    To explain how to formulate an integrated marketing plan.•    To perform effective and topical market research.•    To develop a complete strategic marketing plan.•    To apply the principles of marketing to develop innovative ideas throughout various areas of business.

There are a number of flexible delivery methods for training in this field from introductory seminars to bespoke work-based workshops. It should no longer be difficult or inconvenient to take advantage of professional development opportunities, particularly in fields such as marketing with an increasing importance in the running of businesses and organisations.

*Neil Coade runs bespoke workshops on marketing that can be delivered in the workplace. These workshops are run through Birkbeck College, University of London

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