Name: Martin Dix

Age: 51

Company: Energy monitor makers Current Cost

Turnover: £13m

First job: At 15, I was forced into a life as an apprentice electrical engineer following a request to leave my place of education. It was the only time I saw my headmaster really enthusiastic about anything.

Dream job: A profitable farmer.

Car: Jaguar XKR

Economy, business or first class: Business, because I need to rest and it’s wasteful to sleep on arrival.

Most extravagant purchase: If extravagance means a large sum, then my farm. If it’s wasteful spending, it would be a $15 milkshake in Las Vegas.

Most-played song on your iPod: Another Chance by Roger Sanchez.

Best business bookThe 80-20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch.

Worst business moment: Thankfully precious few – and nothing that I haven’t managed to overcome with a good night’s sleep and some fresh thinking.

Proudest business moment: My first tour around the bespoke Current Cost department at our manufacturing partners.

Your business mentor: Innovators should steer clear of mentors.

Next big thing: Home automation, which has been a dirty word in the UK since the 70s. It will benefit a great deal from being rebranded as “the smart home”.

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