Age: 48. At least that?s what my birth certificate keeps trying to tell me.

Company:  Until recently, CEO of IRIS. Now going more serial (entrepreneur that is).

Company turnover: IRIS grew from ?9m to ?120m revenues under my leadership and from ?30m to ?500m-plus market cap.

First job: Sweet shop

Dream job: Current one ? Pick ?n’ Mix

Car: Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Economy, business or first class: The full range depending on time, distance and budget.

Most extravagant purchase: My wife and daughters are in charge of this area. No idea.

Most-played song on your iPod: “Freedom” by Akon plus anything by the Black Eyed Peas.

Best business book: A whole new mind by Daniel Pink

Worst business moment: Making mistakes are the times you learn the most and hurt the most. My worst moments were when I was running a VC-backed dotcom in 1999.

Proudest business moment: Great customer, employee and industry feedback via surveys and awards (like Real Business) are the most satisfying. Winning an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award felt really good.

Your business mentor: I have a lot to thank Barrie Haigh and Dr Philip Brown for ? two amazing pharma sector entrepreneurs.

Next big thing: It will hopefully be something that involves disrupting traditional markets. Watch this space.

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