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Media for Development

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Category: Social transformation

Mission: Motivate and educate hard-to-reach groups through radio and film

Media for Development (MfD) runs radio and TV projects for neglected communities such as prisoners, Gypsies and the homeless. The flagship project is Radio Wanno, a station run by and for the prisoners in HMP Wandsworth.

“As the prisoners get involved with Radio Wanno, they learn to work as a team and to take responsibility for something,” says MfD founder James Greenshields. “I think of it as learning by stealth!”

Other MfD projects include a social network for young travellers and Gypsies, Savvy Chavvy; and a career re-assessment course, Future Me, for the long-term unemployed.

Set up by Greenshields in 1994, MfD gets two-thirds of its cash in grants and donations, but a third comes from profit-making ventures, such as Inside Job Productions, a film production unit run with the assistance of ex-offenders.

“Generating our own income allows us the freedom to run with ideas that grant-making bodies might regard as too risky or too random. It’s vital. Relying on others for our income would stifle our creativity.”

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