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How do you encourage a healthy lifestyle?

The Health Studio aims to help individuals, business leaders and organisations fight the effects of stress by implementing wellness programmes.

Dr Shan Hussain, CEO and founder of the Health Studio, believes that as a result, individual health improves as well as wellbeing, energy, vitality and performance.

Creating a stress-free company culture can have plenty of benefits. We caught up with Hussain to find out more.

How important is company culture

Culture can have a tremendous influence on all aspects of business, from customer engagement to professional performance Creating and nurturing a positive culture is therefore essential?to the sustainability and profitability of an?organisation.

What can businesses do to ensure their company culture is supportive of employees” wellbeing?

It is essential to have open, honest dialogue with clear channels of communication. Simply observing and listening to employees can reveal a huge amount of information about the culture of the organisation and their approach to wellbeing. Looking at the overall approach to wellness and making small incremental healthy changes can have a remarkable effect.

In my experience, wholesale changes to support wellbeing should not be implemented at once. Often, two or three small simple healthy changes that the team will commit to can have a remarkable effect on employee wellbeing. This also creates a solid foundation to build a culture of health and wellness.

What are the signs to look for that someone may be struggling with health and wellbeing at work?

There are many signs to?look out for. Obvious signs include sick?leave absenteeism,?performance issues and complaints. But there are many subtle signs to look out forincluding: excessive tiredness, apathy, blunted affect, slowed speech, reduced eye contact, weight changes, arguing more often, or reduced communication.

Ultimately, our knowledge of the co-worker and recognition of changes in their behaviours or traits may make us question if theycould be struggling with their health and wellbeing. So, it is vital to have a robust system of support in place to help recognise and address these problems before they advance.

What is your go to comfort/ guilty pleasure when you are feeling ill/ take a day off sick?

I seldom feel ill or take a day?off sick, but when I do my focus is always on absolute physical and mental rest. My goal is to return to health as fast as possible so I ensure by body is receiving what it needs in the form of good hydration, nutrition and sleep.


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