Meet our new RB columnist: Sam Barnett

Startup life. Being an entrepreneur. It’s all about taking chances, being resourceful, doing things on the cheap, bingeing on Pro Plus and sticking in all the hours God gives you. The result is that you have tremendous highs and terrible lows.

But some lows you just don’t expect. I came back from a meeting with a large digital agency last week, extremely pleased with the excellent feedback from the advertising campaign they had run with Struq (excuse the plug!). I was just walking the streets of Soho back to our office, a little smile on my face, when my mood was suddenly smashed into shards.

As I walked in the door, Andrew, our tech genius and CTO, proceeded to tell me that the owners of our Soho building had been round to inform us that our landlord had been illegally sub-letting the entire building to all the tenants…

Read Sam Barnett’s whole article.

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