Meet Pothos the twittering plant

In yet another example of the pervasive wondrousness of Twitter, yet another use has been found for the social networking site. Now, your plants can tweet when they’re thirsty.

Check out this nib from

"Plant-lover Rob Faludi has worked out a way to wire up his pot plant to send him tweets when it’s thirsty. It’s called Pothos," report the tech site.

"The plant’s social media enabler is made of soil-moisture sensors that are connected to a circuit board. They measure the level of moisture, and then communicate the information to a microcontroller.

The device determines whether moisture levels are too low, or too high, and then transmits a wireless signal to Twitter as a plaintive tweet for sustenance.

‘Obviously plants can’t talk or Twitter directly,’ says Faludi. ‘So we have to help them along with that.’

Thanks for clearing that up, Rob.

The tone of voice of the tweet can be personalised to suit either the owner or the type of plant. Kate Hartman, another member of Botanicalls (the company behind the scheme), said: "There’s always a basic ‘I’m thirsty, could you please water me’ message. But they also accelerate in terms of need, so there’s an urgent message: ‘I’m desperately thirsty, please water me’."

People following the plants receive updates on the soil moisture content and whether it’s being cared for.

‘I feel a bit more guilty when I don’t water Pothos, because everybody knows,’ said Hartman. ‘Actually receiving a message from a plant is just very engaging, and I think kind of unexpected. There’s a magic to it that people really enjoy.’"

Pothos has more than 2,650 followers on Twitter. Which is roughly five times the number Real Business has…

That’s not remotely embarassing…

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