Microsoft?s Office 365 solution has been gaining traction recently and why not?

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Microsoft Office 365 is now a respectably stable and cost effective way to implement Microsoft?s productivity and communication applications across an entire business estate.

While there is an array of options out there for businesses looking to implement a communications platform, it is safe to say that Microsoft Office 365 can be an ideal option for companies looking for an out of the box email and communication tool.
While the headline specifications of Office 365 sound like a winner, there can be areas in which the offering won?t fit for all businesses. This is where a partner hosted solution such as Cobweb could suit them as an alternative.

Whenever a company looks to roll out new infrastructure, regardless of what it is, the success of the project hinges on fast and seamless implementation. Often the selection criteria that are needed to meet longer terms goals are overshadowed by the desire to get the project off the ground.?

Microsoft Office 365 can be one of the most straightforward solutions when it comes to rolling out a new communications platform. With its vanilla offering of communication and collaboration tools, this means that customers can be up and running quickly should they have minimal requirements to alter.

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Whitepaper: Office 365 from Cobweb

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