Migrant professionals boost UK economy by 210bn

The research from Lloyds found that inpats are more likely to work in senior or highly skilled roles than UK nationals, and are typically more educated.

Inpats are forecast by to contribute around 210bn gross valued added (GVA) in England and Wales this year 15 per cent of the total GVA in the economy. 75bn of this will come from European inpats.

These workers are most prominent in the transport and comms industry, with finance and business services a close second.

Jamsheed Poncha, head of client services, UK Wealth at Lloyds Bank, comments: The findings clearly demonstrate the strength of the UK economy and its ability to attract a highly qualified professional workforce from around the world. The contribution inward talent can make to key industries is impressive as it ultimately helps the economy prosper even more.

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