Miliband plans tax clampdown, mansion tax and tobacco levy to fund NHS

Miliband said that a new 2.5bn NHS Time to Care Fund would be created without increasing borrowing or taxes on everyday working people.

The fund would support 3,000 more midwives, 5,000 more homecare workers, 8,000 more GPs and 20,000 more nurses, he said.

£1.1bn would be raised through tackling tax avoidance, including hedge funds avoiding taxes on shares, closing the eurobonds loophole and preventing the use of umbrella companies for tax avoidance.

A further 1.2bn would be raised with a so-called mansion tax levied against those with homes worth more than 2m.

Miliband said at least 150m for the fund would be raised through new fees for tobacco companies.

Doing it together, means everyone playing their part to help fund our NHS. The stakes are incredibly high in this election. But nowhere more than on the NHS,” he said. 

The NHS is sliding backwards under this government. They are privatising and fragmenting it. Just think what it would look like after five more years of this government. It is not safe in their hands.

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