Millionaire plumber defies the plunging economy

Pimlico Plumbers reported a record turnover of £15m in May this year – an impressive 11 per cent increase since last year.

Mullins says his secret to success in the face of the dreaded credit crunch has been to keep service and efficiency standards high.

"In the current economic climate people expect value for money and that’s what we have been making sure they get," he says.

“Money is obviously getting a bit tight but our performance has improved because we have raised our already high standards.”

BDO Stoy Hayward predicts that the number of business casualties will increase to 19,100 next year – a rate that looks eerily similar to that of 2002’s dot-com crash, when 19,928 businesses went bust.

Let’s see if smart entrepreneurs like Mullins can continue outwitting the economy.

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