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Mindfulness in business: The five point guide to the philosophy

While mindfulness meditation is a personal undertaking, adoption of some of the principles of mindfulness in the workplace allows us to run a smarter business. What’s more, we become able to achieve more with less effort.

Here are five examples of simple things you can do today, that will make your business more abundant, in all senses of the word.

(1) Give stuff away

This is one of the easiest tips to implement and it is the best way to share your intention, wisdom and business tips with clients.

Examples of what you can give away:

  • A report or white paper
  • A sample chapter of a book
  • An audio recording e.g. podcast, meditation, music track
  • A video tutorial e.g. access to a webinar

The obvious reason you would think to do this is to grab people’s emails so you can upsell them some stuff. This should not be the prime motivation. When we share freely, we find that we end up with stuff coming back from other unexpected sources to us as what goes around, comes around.

(2) Shout quietly

It’s not a good idea to market your products and services by being disparaging about your competitors. Neither is it a good strategy to push your products in people’s faces if you want to embrace mindfulness.

A much better way is to share valuable content that others can use and then to only mention your own products and services in passing and in context.

My way of shouting quietly is by posting content on my blog and also by interviewing like-minded people on my podcast. These days it is my main marketing tool and it seems to generate all the business I need.

Examples of how you can shout loudly:

  • Start a blog
  • Write and syndicate content for other sites
  • Start a podcast
  • Launch a video channel

In addition, when posting on social media, my policy is to only be positive and to share good advice, successes and celebrations. Avoid gossip, nay saying and denigrating others.

(3) Share your wisdom

The writing and publishing of my books has not only opened many doors for me but it has also opened the hearts and minds of many readers. As an unexpected spin-off, it also led to a career I didn?t plan as an author’s mentor. As an author, you find it becomes relatively easy to get interviewed by the press and the media.

These days, print on-demand technology means you only have to publish as many books as you need. At less than £5 a book, they make great giveaways to clients too.

As many books are read on ereaders while commuting, books don’t have to be big these days and short concise chapters are more easily digested. Often less is more.

Read on the next page for the way to live timefully and what you can for give and take in your business.


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