Ministers push for “emergency brake” on immigration

Earlier this month it was revealed that a system allowing the UK to block immigrants from particular countries if their numbers grow too great is being backed.

Now, senior ministers are reportedly pushing for an ?emergency brake? on immigration from the EU, and are planning to set out Britain’s demands regarding this issue ?in the months ahead.?

Cameron has stated that the demands will include ?safeguards for the single market, the ability to block new regulation, making sure Britain comes out of ever closer union, and crucially as I said in my conference speech, we have to address the issues of immigration.?

?Where we can control immigration, we have been,? said Home Secretary Theresa May, who has so far defended the governments methods of reducing immigration. ?But free movement is an area where there needs to be change in the future.?

?Net migration from outside the European Union is down to the levels of the 1990s, but of course, European free movement rules mean that we are not able to exercise as much control in that area, and we have seen increases in the number of people coming to the UK from the European Union.

?Partly of course that?s a function of our economy growing more strongly than others in Europe so that?s an attraction for people to come and look for work. It?s important we constantly challenge ourselves to ensure we are doing everything we can on the immigration system.?

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