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Mobile marketing strategy is a must-have to make it through this season

mobile marketing strategy

Change is integral to fashion. For brands and businesses in the sector to be successful, they have to have their fingers on the pulse, constantly pushing the boundaries in search of the next big thing that’s a mobile marketing strategy

This is a phenomenon not just limited to fashion. According to GlobalWebIndex, mobile phones already account for 50 per cent of time spent on devices worldwide by 16-24 year olds. On top of this, it is expected that by the end of 2021, 90 per cent of mobile data traffic will be from smartphones.

At Zalando we have seen this change occur first hand. Year-on-year, we have witnessed a 90 per cent increase of orders via smartphone, as well as a clear shift in shopping habits from desktop to devices, prompting a need for a mobile marketing strategy.

This trend is unlikely to change anytime soon, which makes it more vital than ever to get ahead in the smartphone game and hone a mobile marketing strategy.

Internal and external

Most people have an incredibly close, emotional link to their fashion choices. Just think about the range of cultures that are defined, to an extent, by fashion.

This is because a universal function of fashion is the ability to create a personal link between clothes and the person wearing them. It is this very relationship that fashion businesses are looking to boost and strengthen.

The next step” Making everyone’s mobile their personal fashion assistant. By connecting with customers and fostering an intimate relationship, they will begin using a smartphone as a single point of call for an entire fashion journey.

Mobiles are incredibly well-suited to this sort of hyper-personalisation. The devices have become the lens in which we interact with the world. Whether this is communication, directions, web browsing or a range of other services, using mobile in this way allows brands and businesses unparalleled insight into a person’s preferences and behaviour.

Once this data has been analysed, mobile-based recommendation engines will be able to make personal suggestions. They will know what you want before you do, which will support your mobile marketing strategy.

The secret of speed

The rise of apps will be supported by faster and more efficient data networks. The rise of 4G across Europe has already taken the first steps to making truly mobile, multimedia experiences happen.

This has already led to streaming HD video on the go, something that would have been close to impossible five years ago, yet is now an everyday reality for millions of people.

This has gone hand-in-hand with a global trend of instant gratification. People have become less patient, abandoning websites if they do not load in a couple of seconds.

The fashion industry is also adapting to this want-it-now world. Burberry and Tom Ford have made their collections available immediately after being displayed on the catwalk.

This is all part of an effort to cut down the time between exhibition and delivery, something that’s set to decrease further, as businesses continue closing the gap between inspiration and gratification.

With this increased speed of the purchasing journey, it is more important than ever to create a mobile marketing strategy for an emotional connection in fashion.

Just remember that 90 per cent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. This means that by giving someone a personal and professional service, they will trust a brand or business, becoming loyal customers for years.


Pacing payments

If we look at mobile penetration in the UK among the 16-24 range, 88 per cent of people own a smartphone, with the 25-34s only slightly lagging behind at 84 per cent.

On top of this, a third of internet users view their smartphone as the most important device for going online, this has risen from 22 per cent from two years ago.

Alongside that, analysts predict that US mobile payments will increase 210 per cent over the coming years. The mobile marketing strategy is ripe for investment.

If you analyse the industry, you can see the strides organisations are making to create frictionless online payments. With PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay, it becomes clear that technology giants are putting huge emphasis on the field.

This is not set to change anytime soon, with everyone trying to create the easiest way for consumers to pay as possible. For example, just imagine that rather than entering all your payment details online, you could just tap your card or phone against the computer and it would purchase the item.

The future of online payments” Simplicity.

Finding the right fit

Tributes and replicas of Cher’s wardrobe definitely exist, with users reportedly using avatars with 92 per cent accuracy of their own body shape.

While the AI technology required isn’t there yet, companies are already on their way to researching the potential connection between smart applications and our sense of style as well as the need for style advice.

The possibility for these applications is endless: Smart apps could deduce distinct items from photographs and where to order them online, and match these items to your own style profile.

These apps could also distinguish whether or not they’re your taste, if each item is suited to you, or whether you should consider different styles. It could ultimately give you taste and size suggestions, which is just one of the incredibly innovative approaches that AI could have to fashion.

To answer the question of where mobile is taking fashion, all you need to do is look into your pocket.

Ensuring the customer experience is personal and intimate will become a priority for fashion and brands connecting via smartphones, with the mobile marketing strategy providing the perfect gateway for personal connections.

Nuzhat Naweed is the head of mobile product at Zalando

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