Mobile wallets: The business opportunities are only just beginning

Mobile as an enabler

Mobiles are a fundamental part of brand experiences beyond the retail industry; London Fashion Week being one of the most notable and recent examples. At this event Burberry led the way by engaging consumers on mobile. Wherever consumers were in the world, they could connect with the fashion show by tweeting #Tweetcam with the @Burberry Twitter handle; a camera on the catwalk would then take a picture for them. This allowed everyone who was unable to attend, but wished to participate, to still get involved. Mobile is therefore an enabler, enhancing our lives in a way that was never before possible. 

Mobile first strategy

So the appetite, behaviours and awareness are all there. It is an opportunity waiting to be seized. A huge responsibility rests on marketers’ shoulders to grab this with both hands and enhance their customers’ experiences with mobile. 

For small businesses with extensive lists of considerations, mobile may not be at the top of the list – perhaps viewed as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a necessity; but, with developments in this area travelling at a speed of knots, it needs to sit at the top of the list.  

For any SME that needs convincing of this fact, there are solid arguments in favour of a mobile first strategy. It provides the reach that bricks and mortar stores simply cannot. In line with this it is, of course, great for the balance sheet as it will reduce the need for significant overheads. It will allow your proposition to become part of the daily lives of consumers as they will be able to browse and purchase your products or services on the move, without having to carve time out of their day to do so, thus increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Our research found that almost 50 per cent of respondents would be more likely to purchase products/services on their mobile if they could do so with just two clicks, rather than having to input card/ address details – particularly true of the 18-21 year old respondents. So help yourself by making this as easy as possible for them. Allow them to do so with just two clicks, rather than having to fill out lots of details.

No sign of disruption easing

With the launch of the Apple Watch, and no doubt many rival technologies to follow, as well as the much anticipated Apple Pay later in the year, there is no sign of the disruption in the payments industry easing. Marketers must jump on the band wagon, or risk the very real possibility of being left behind.

Juan Ageitos is the senior marketing manager at mobile engagement specialist mGage.

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