Monday, 11 May 2009

Disciplinary day has arrived. It’s interesting to see two people react in such entirely different ways to two almost identical allegations.

Neither person disputed what had taken place. One said nothing prior to the disciplinary and came to it with an open manner, putting up their hand and acknowledging immediately that they had been in the wrong. I now have no problem with this member of staff. I’ll issue some form of disciplinary measure but it will probably be lighter than it would otherwise have been. Feel that our relationship will have gained in trust and mutual respect from the whole experience.

The other person had previously filled two pages of A4 with arguments and attempted justifications prior to the meeting, many of which were morally extremely dubious. They arrived with a boulder on their shoulder and sneer around their mouth and, when I put forward a point they didn’t like, produced a shrug and the classic response of “Yeah, whatever”. By contrast, the working relationship has been finally soured, leaving us with a massive problem of what to do next.

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