Monday, 16 March 2009

Had to leave almost immediately, though, to speak at Enterprise Agency do on re-launching the women’s enterprise ambassador scheme that faded almost on inception with the departure of Margaret Hodge.  Am delighted to hear of all and any enterprise schemes being pushed but looking round the room am forced to observe that at least 90 per cent of those present appear to be the organisers or other speakers and am wondering vaguely who I’m supposed to be persuading to join the scheme.

Swallowing my upmarket sandwich with desperation, am off in the car for another meeting with a lovely lady who is suggesting I host a businesswoman’s lunch club in area. Great fun meeting but getting very aware that I’ve lost nearly all of the day and as usual am torn between value of generalised networking in a business that is as niche as ours and time sitting hard on my not inconsiderable backside!

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