Monday, 18 May 2009

The holiday issue has raised its contentious little head again. I’m pining to go immediately "Continental" and close for August and just be done with it!

The other merit to this plan would, of course, be that I personally achieve four weeks’ holiday this year, which is highly unusual. Our contracts are clear. Holiday times are by arrangement only and require four weeks’ notice whatever. Why is it, then, that some 80 per cent of the staff only think about holidays now and are amazed when they are told that the weeks they have picked are unavailable? Currently, we have one member of staff veering between furious anger and deep gloom as his family has gone ahead and put a deposit on a short-notice holiday, which we cannot accommodate. Just to add to the fun, we have another employee sulking because they have been told that leave to go to the funeral of a family friend will also be unpaid – contract again.

I wonder if they simply do not read their contracts or each believe for some strange reason that they are the only ones exempt from them?

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