Monday, 20 July 2009

All hell let loose. Left hand and I leave premises for meeting at lunch time and notice some of staff playing footie round paint store – even worse as this is where we store our highly flammable waste for collection plus all crushed cans.  We shout accordingly and instruct group to go round back of building. On return, find that within five minutes of leaving, group has moved back and a ball has been thrown causing one of the bright sparks to leap in the air and come a purler over aforesaid paint cans. Necessary full investigation commenced immediately resulting in ball thrower being dismissed on the spot for gross misdemeanour. Justification, angrily given, was that round the back was unsuitable for playing football – apparently grass too long and skip at wrong angle for goal. Note to self – must ignore recession and buy huge plot of land for employees to play footie on immediately. 

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