Monday, 27 July 2009

Came in with bated breath to see who has responded to the two job offers I put out on Friday afternoon.  After a virtually solid week of sorting CVs, telephone and face-to-face interviewing and huge brain storming session with left hand, we had finally come to a speedy decision on our Despatch line manager position and decided to throw a curve ball by offering our sales exec job to one of the applicants for the sales admin role.   To my delight, the first e-mail I open confirms acceptance of the new line manager. He’s joining us next Monday.  This gives us a chance to get him up and running prior to our summer shut down. This has been the position that has been a thorn in our side all year as we normally go for internal promotion for line managers but had no-one suitable and knew that finding what we wanted outside was going to be a long shot. However, we were utterly convinced from the moment this guy walked in the door.    The second e-mail rather confirmed all our niggling fears. The sales office applicant has decided to up the game and ask for shorter hours, more money and more holidays, none of which she would have got in any case had we offered her the original job. Er, no. 

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