Monday, 29 June 2009

Released from brief stint in hospital for some singularly unsavoury tests and everything in world looks sunnier. One of the extra jolly things about running a small business is that under those sort of circumstances, there is no comfy option of burying head in sand.

Responsibilities have to be faced and alternative plans drawn up just in case all clear not received on results. Am aware this has had two major effects. The first inevitably is that my tolerance to staff’s poor performance has been at an all time low as tests loomed. The other, less pleasant aftermath, is that staff who have been thoroughly supportive react to the all clear with an almost accusatory air that one has been clearly making a drama out of nothing. Well all I can say is that I don’t find that particular bit of planning much fun either! The studying of what I really want out of the business and life in general continues and am even more obsessively determined to reap the gain from it for the first time, both in pleasure, fun and finance! Sitting at home, catch yet another facebook bitching session going on – a new strange little partnership forming out of a couple of ex staff and a couple of current. Realise from this, not only is it right to weed out the totally inadequate but it is also time to celebrate the absolutely brilliant staff I have – they may be few but they are incredibly special. They’re devotedly loyal, willing to rise to any challenge to help and a total joy to work with. I hope they know who they are. Certainly as we rise out of this recession, I will ensure that they receive their rewards at least in monetary terms. 

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