Monday, 30 March 2009

My own Scottish objection to wasting money stops the temptation to lie about what the last month has held, and combined with a good coach’s perspicacity, he quickly hones in with uncomfortable accuracy on every problem and weakness. I am left alternating from howls of laughter to screams of “I can’t do that!”

Not unusually, it is all about my individual confidence, which is shaky at best; perhaps typical of female entrepreneurs but definitely my own personal bugbear.  A quick but piercing reminder of how essential it is for us bosses to be 100 per cent positive follows.  I recall reading that Michelle Mone has a policy to work at home on any day she does not feel able to do this, and I reflect this could well be a wise move. A vision of barefeet, the odd cigarette, laptop on kitchen table and general peace and tranquillity crosses my mind and suddenly I feel very positive indeed.

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