Monday, 6 July 2009

Back from brilliant long weekend, combining anti-social time at spa with social times. In particular, spent time with best mate – the maddest of Irishmen – whose ranting ability normally puts mine to shame but who this weekend I found in strangely mellow mood. Fantastic company, bit of sea air, a lot of alcohol and strangely minimal nicotine all combined to remind me what life can be like.

Getting head around idea of right hand/son going off on his travels and actually now viewing it as part and parcel of huge positive step. The three of us in management started the year with a determination of moving forward and developing ourselves as a main business aim, while also planning to take the opportunity enabled by quieter times of the recession to rebuild the company how we wanted it (including the apparently silly idea of making a decent amount of money!).  

Have made plans all year that have been turfed upside down by right hand’s injuries and indecisions about his future (and yes am huge believer in dis-ease) so am really glad for him personally and for us that he is sorting his life out. Can now settle right down with left hand and plan a whole new company. Exciting meetings planned all week, with some seriously radical out-of-box proposals on table as to how to bring quality of life and profits back into our lives.   Now is the time for change!

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