Monday, 9 March 2009

Can’t believe it is March already (because so much has happened this year) and at the same time, wonder that it is only March (because I am sick of the snow, the cold and this seemingly endless winter of discontent).

It is now the second full week after our total restructure and the latest round of redundancies, and going into work this morning, you would be hard pushed to know any of it had ever happened. Work force seems to have totally forgotten about all of it and totally oblivious to any of the causes. Honestly, you would think that being up for redundancy selection would have been a bit of a wake up call?!

Know that it is essential to reinforce our brilliant new mission statement and values in everything we do so as to remind them of new era. Have had the mission statement and values laminated and put on notice boards but aware that it is not exactly living the dream… Know, too, that I should be leading by example.

It’s easy for coaches to say ‘be positive’ about life, but it’s difficult in reality. Am still heartbroken over my beloved dog being put down a couple of weeks ago. Thoroughly overtired from total excess work during re-structure. Sales manager is obsessed with the idea of opening a London office and therefore working like a blinkered dervish – not the easiest or most relaxing combination to be around. Production manager having major personal crisis and given to taking it out on me. Am now into third month without cigarettes and not only feel fat as a proverbial pig but also would kill any handy employee for a puff still.

Feel life is definitely overdue for improving.

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