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15 Best Monday Motivation Quotes to Start the Working Week

Monday motivation quotes

Monday mornings can be difficult for many of us, so a dose of Monday morning motivation, can just be what you need to get your week started on the right foot. The weekend may be over, and you may be dreading the new week ahead, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shift your mindset to a more positive light to ensure a better week for your business. 

To give you a boost of energy and inspiration for this week, here are 15 of the best motivational quotes that will help you start off your working week feeling energised and ready to go.

Some are from famous inspirational people and others are just personal mantras we like to live by.

1. “A New Week Means New Opportunities”

A few if not many, look at Monday morning as just the start of a dreadful weekly grind, though they might be wrong. As the quote above states “A NEW WEEK MEANS NEW OPPORTUNITIES” can help you in changing your attitude towards Monday and also acts as a great reminder of the possibilities brought by the new week.

Justifying the quote, it means you get a new chance every new week to start afresh, and make positive progress towards your goals and aims ultimately. This quote is sure to fill you with optimism and enthusiasm for whatever comes your way from Monday.

Allocate a few minutes of your weekend or first thing on a Monday in assessing potential opportunities and gains for the coming week. Perhaps you have an important email to craft, projects to round up, meetings to arrange, or attend to a new potential development or opportunity. By dedicating enough interest towards this mindset, you can re envision your Monday mornings with exciting and new opportunities.

“Just One Small Positive Thought in the Morning can Change Your Whole Day” – Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama’s quote is a simple and gentle reminder that starting your day with a positive thought can go a long way for your Monday mornings. According to researchers and beliefs, having just one positive thought held dearly can make all the difference in setting the tone for the week.

To understand and utilise this quote in your daily life to life activities, you need to take some time to create or remind yourself of positive memories made in the past relating to your business or career. Perhaps you have just made a breakthrough in your studies or career, or received a promotion or pay rise, or family events you are looking forward to. This can help put the mentality you deserve and give you a refreshed sense of energy to perform your absolute best.

3. “Today is Your Chance To Make A Difference”

This is another brilliant reminder like The Dalai Lama’s quote, but is different from the message delivered. It reminds us that no matter the day of the week, a chance to make a difference is always granted. Thus, every new Monday, like other days, presents us with the chance, a new opportunity to create positive changes and differences in our careers, businesses and in our environment as a whole. Remembering this quote will be a powerful perspective to start the week with.

Given that Monday is the start of every working week, it grants everyone the opportunity to start the week with a chance to make a difference either in their workspace or business. Whether it’s creating more fruitful interpersonal relationships with your colleagues or employees, or honing and developing new skills, or simply being better to yourself and your environment. Starting your Monday’s with this mindset can lead to important breakthroughs, improvement and positive changes to your career and businesses.

4. “Either You Run the Day, or the Day Runs You” – Jim Rohn

Like it says, the quote is simple and is all about taking control of your own life in a nutshell. These include your career or business, your relationships, your day to day tasks and others alike. It’s easy to let the day overwhelm and take control of you, and get you distracted from your original goals and objectives, but having this quote in mind can help you regain the mindset you need to get back on track and stay focused on your goals.

This quote is really helpful when it comes to Mondays, where we haven’t shaken down the weekend and can be easily overwhelmed by incoming tasks and also incomplete ones. This quote can help you refocus and prioritise your goals for the week and become the master of your own destiny, while starting the week with an advantageous mindset. It can also help you transition from weekends to Mondays in a positive manner.

5. “Monday is an Opportunity to Start Fresh”

Like other Monday quotes, this is a very common inspirational quote that is all about letting go of the past that is holding you down and embracing the potential and opportunity a brand new week provides. As humans, we often carry negative thoughts and experiences from the past which can affect our output and enthusiasm any day, and taking these negative experiences to a new Monday morning can be more damaging than advantageous for the week ahead. Perhaps you got scolded in your work premises or failed to secure that client, or your business went through a major crisis, remember that these challenges are normal and don’t need to keep you down, as it is just a form of experience for future cases. And Monday is a chance to start afresh and try again, but this time, with an experience gained from the past.

6. “What You Do Today Can Improve All Your Tomorrows” – Ralph Marston

A quote by Ralph Marston is another wonderful reminder that Mondays can be used as significant foundations for the week ahead. Thus, how you start your mondays might as well decide how successful your week will be. Taking enough time to transition from the weekend to week day, while also setting goals for the week, can help you breeze through the rest of the week with the right mindset and confidence.

Given that Monday is the beginning of most official workdays, using it as a foundation for the rest of the week is the best outcome for your Mondays. Lacking the energy and time on Mondays to get started on the task for the new week is not surprising at all. Thus, using them to round up previous tasks and set the pace for the new week can keep you stress free and organised through the week.

7. “You Can Accomplish Anything You Set Out To Do”

As we all know, Monday mornings can be a stretch for many of us, as the weekend vibes have not yet been robbed of. Thus, we start the week with low enthusiasm which might lead our mindset to try getting through the day rather than embracing it and achieving significant progress in our careers. Though, this quote might just be the perfect reminder to refocus your mindset that any is possible and accomplished with the right approach and attitude.

Setting realistic expectations on Mondays on what you want to achieve for the week and how to achieve these goals as your week gathers momentum. As the quote states “You Can Accomplish Anything You Set Out To Do”, Using Monday to set out your goals and gathering the momentum you need to accomplish it within the week will be the best approach for your week. You could also use your Mondays in clearing out your inbox, finishing up your previous tasks and setting up your workspace for the upcoming tasks to be completed. In simple terms, setting up meaningful and achievable goals each Monday, can improve your confidence and courage in achieving those goals.

8. “You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote was envisioned by the great Martin Luther King Jr. known as one of the most inspirational figures in history and this quote is as relatable as it was when he first said it. And the quote is all about stopping procrastination and taking the first step in achieving your goals no matter the size or greatness of your goals.

Mondays are just the perfect days to gain the courage to take those first steps and begin your journey in achieving your goals. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the size of your goals or task, simply take the first step, as the first step is always the hardest, and break down your goals into smaller and understandable tasks. This quote is just the best reminder for those with procrastination and laziness that taking the first step at the right time with the right dedication and determination, anything is possible.

9. “It’s Just Another Day”

Unlike other quotes, this quote reminds us that sometimes, it can help to take a step back and remind yourself that Monday, like any other day, doesn’t need unrealistic goals or expectations. Sometimes, a simple goal and objectives with an open mind is enough for Mondays.

When you start feeling overwhelmed by the week that lies ahead, this reminds you that you can take things one at a time, and everything will still work out fine. Keep your head down and dedicate your time and Mondays will feel less like Mondays.

10. “Be Here Now” Ram Dass

One of the main reasons Mondays usually seems so daunting is the fact that we are still transitioning from the weekend and the next weekend just seems so far away. Thus, leading us to trying to get through the week rather than facing it head on. This quote by Ram Dass is a great reminder to keep your focus on the present and not on the future.

When feeling overwhelmed by the workload of the week ahead, take a few minutes of your time to re-energise and focus on your tasks one at a time. The more focused and in control you feel during the start of your week, will give you enough energy and motivation to end the week on the right foot.

11. “Dream Big and Take Action”

Dreaming big is part of our DNA and a major part of what decides our success in both our careers or business, and Monday morning is the perfect time to remind yourself to take action on your dreams. Doing this will lead to a fruitful week ahead.

Starting each week by reminding yourself of your dreams and taking action on them will be a major boost in achieving your dreams. Perhaps you aim to expand your business, or finally click that dream job or perhaps achieve financial independence. Whatever it is, taking a moment to remind yourself every Monday will provide your ambitions with the fuel to achieve them.

12. “Build Your Own Dreams, or Someone Else Will Hire You to Build Theirs.” – Farrah Gray

A really important quote by Farrah Gray for budding entrepreneurs and new business owners. Starting out, Mondays might arrive with burdens, potential risks and ambiguous objectives, and as a business owner just starting out , this is mostly true.

This quote is a great reminder to stay focused and build your own dreams and be your own employer rather than give up and work to achieve other’s dreams. Although working for others might feel easier, reaping the benefits of your own dreams will feel better.

13. “It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish”

As humans, the reality is that every day is not going to be a good day and this also applies to Mondays. Not all Mondays will be energetic and right as you want it. There will be mondays where everything won’t feel right, from personal issues to missing out on those big opportunities, and might rub off on you the wrong way.

This quote is a great reminder that starting the week on the wrong foot doesn’t mean you would end it on the wrong foot. That it’s not always about how you start, but how you finish. This quote can help you regain enough motivation after a bad Monday.

14. “Give Every Day The Chance To Become the Most Beautiful of Your Life” – Mark Twain

Words by the great Mark Twain can be a good motivation to give everyday the special chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. And what better day is there to reflect on this quote than Mondays, as Monday is the pathway from your weekend to how you want your week to unfold.

And what better way to start your Monday than by capturing the positive vibes from your weekend and using them to scale through your week. This attitude of gratitude is a great way to create enough motivation and energy to face the week ahead

15. “Have Fun Today!”

A simple, yet important quote is a great way to get your week started. As always, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the upcoming tasks of the new week that lies ahead, it’s always important to have fun while or in between performing your tasks.

Whether it’s having coffee with a colleague or taking part in a team-building exercise, there are so many ways to inject some fun into your day and make it more enjoyable. Fun is an essential part of the working week and can provide you with that all-important boost of positivity for a productive Monday.

Final Thoughts

We hope these Monday quotes provide you with the right mindset to start your week off on the right track. Whether it is the positivity or reminder you need on why you do what you do, the quotes can provide that extra push and keep your spirits from Mondays to the end of the week and remind you that Monday doesn’t need to be a dreaded day.


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