More red tape for businesses

Read about latest little gem to put business owners under pressure; that should it be proven that one of your employees catches swine flu at work and suffers long term financial or physical hardship from same, or indeed death, then your company may be held responsible and fined accordingly.  The indication is that these cases will be difficult to make stick but those lovely individuals given to bringing miscellaneous cases against their employers will have yet another stick to waive.

We did immediately follow the government’s directives.  Talks were given to the staff; advice leaflets given out; additional cleaning, special wipes, handwashes, vastly expensive masks (before someone in their wisdom decided that these do more harm than good).  No amount of this, however, will fully convert a group of 30 odd, mostly young, males in a shop floor environment to adhere to high standards of hygiene.  I would seriously challenge anyone to achieve it.

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