More women entrepreneurs likely

According to the survey:

•    73 per cent of respondents believe the recession will be an opportunity for women looking to exit corporate life to take redundancy as a new start;•    45 per cent believe it will lead to a shift of women into SME/social enterprise careers;•    40 per cent of respondents said that they believe women’s roles will change to become the main earner; •    One in three believe women’s role as primary carer will have changed when the recession is over (36 per cent).

The respondents, from the UK, Europe, Americas and Australasia, were dominated by women working in the banking, finance and professional services sector in London and the south of England.

Sarah Churchman, PwC director of diversity, says: “It’s no surprise that women turn to their entrepreneurial side in a recession and see opportunities for a new start or role after years of corporate life.”

The report also warned, however, that this could mean gender diversity initiatives in the City could stall or be reversed.

It matches results from a survey to mark the First Women Awards, which found that 65 per cent of respondents believe gender diversity will slip down the business agenda in a recessionary climate.

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