Most entrepreneurs are looking to hire in 2011

Sixty-six per cent of entrepreneurs say that they intend to increase the number of people they employ in 2011, with six per cent expecting to see their headcount rise by over 20 per cent.

The research, conducted by Investec Specialist Private Bank, also shows that only 12 per cent of entrepreneurs anticipate that the number of people employed in their UK businesses will fall this year.

“We’re not surprised by these findings because our research shows that of the leading entrepreneurs we interviewed, 56 per cent expect the UK economy to improve over the next 12 months, and only 19 per cent expect it to deteriorate,” says Investec’s Ed Cottrell.

“This helps explain why 44 per cent plan to launch new ventures in the UK during 2011.”

Percentage of entrepreneurs who expect headcount to increase in 2011
Increase over 20 per cent in headcount: 6 per cent of entrepreneurs
Increase by between 16-20 per cent: 15 per cent of entrepreneurs
Increase by between 11-15 per cent: 6 per cent of entrepreneurs
Increase by up to 10 per cent: 39 per cent of entrepreneurs
Remain the same: 21 per cent of entrepreneurs
Decrease: 12 per cent of entrepreneurs

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