Most UK SMEs ambivalent about Scottish independence

We’ve heard repeated apocalyptic warnings from business leaders and the city, but there are signs that businesses across the UK as a whole aren’t so worried about the prospect of a yes vote.

Vistage, the business leadership organisation, asked a representative sample of its members, primarily mid-sized and larger small businesses, how they felt independence would effect their company.

Just 20 per cent agreed that it would have a negative impact, while 6 per cent said they were uncertain but worried. 66 per cent said the impact would be neutral or better.

Vistage CEO Steve Gilroy said: “While many financial and large international businesses may not like the prospect of Scottish independence, it will have little impact on most small and medium-sized businesses in the rest of the UK.

“Whatever the result of the poll in Scotland on 18 September, our research shows that most owners of SME businesses in the rest of the UK will not be losing sleep over the result damaging their firm.

“Partly this is because Scotland is a relatively small market for most SMEs in the rest of the UK, and also because independence will not suddenly close the Scottish market. Whatever the result business will continue, although we can expect a hiatus amongst Scottish businesses should there be a vote for independence while they digest the implications.”

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