The best and most unusual places for business meetings in London

Unusual places for business meetings
Unusual places for business meetings
Office Space in Town is definitely among the most unusual places for business meetings as it lets you travel down the rabbit hole with its Alice in Wonderland themed venue
While there are several ways to guarantee your next liaison with clients, partners or members of staff ends with success, one important factor that often falls by the wayside is your choice of venue. So shake things up by going to one of these unusual places for business meetings.

London is filled to the brim with venues of all sizes, making the choice hard for those wishing to break free of their office shackles. But sometimes you need to consider that the pressed white linen and classic cuisine of the capital’s every day establishments can get a bit dull.

There are a few gems to be found, however. Real Business quizzed bosses on the best and most unusual places for business meetings – and we unveil the ones recommended the most. We broke it down into first meeting rooms and then restaurants, with three on offer for each.

ScreenWorks: You could be part of an 80s game show
A 12-minute walk from Highbury & Islington station will see you at the doorstep of ScreenWorks, which is known for housing a range of startups. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only in the business of rented office space.

There are a few quirky meeting rooms available with the click of a button. Sure, you’re swapping one meeting room for another, but the point is that it’s not yours! It’s also not your everyday office – making it a perfect fit for our list of unusual places for business meetings.

One of the rooms is kitted out with retro TVs, while another sports zebra striped wallpaper applied in hexagonal geometric tessellations. Let’s not forget the game-themed meeting room, set up to pit two teams against each other – almost decked out like an 80s show.

Here’s an intriguing point: “screening room one” – which is how it’s referred as on the site – gives you the option of hanging your coat on an up-cycled valve alongside other mechanical wall features. You can’t get any more unusual than that.

Up next in our look at quirky meeting spaces is a walkway made of glass.

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