The best and most unusual places for business meetings in London

Unusual places for business meetings
Tower Bridge: The one making the most out of a historical site
Believe it or not, Tower Bridge isn’t just a historic site – it’s featured quite a few corporate events and weddings. While somewhat pricey, Real Business was told that it made an unforgettable impact, especially when it involved an outside party. That’s a good thing as there’s a guest minimum.

Kate Hope, conference consultant for NYS Corporate, recently had much to say about the infamous bridge’s three venue choices – claiming it be among the most unusual places for business meetings the company had come across.

“Just when you thought Tower Bridge couldn’t be any more unique! It has a spectacular glass floor across its high-level Walkways venue. The walkway offers stunning panoramic views. We highly recommend timing your visit out on to the glass floor with the raising of the bascules – a truly memorable experience.

It is the perfect setting for an evening dining or intimate launch event – ensure you have guests arrive to watch the sun get taken over by the powerful illumination of the cities lights. Walkways isn’t the only option for bosses though. There’s the Engine Room and North Tower Lounge.”

If you want the team to get their thinking caps on then the next venue is definitely for you.

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