The best and most unusual places for business meetings in London

Unusual places for business meetings
Pullman: The one designed to boost innovative thinking
When it comes to the best and most unusual places for business meetings, Pullman St Pancras definitely ranks high on the list. The four star hotel facilitates 17 meeting rooms and has theatre space to boot. And while its Golden Arrow restaurant is worth mentioning, what has really garnered attention in the corporate world is its “business playground”.

Want to know more about the playground? Here’s a video. It’s worth watching despite being voiced in an almost monotonous way at the beginning – it later gives way to Mathieu Lehanneur, the designer behind the intriguing concept.

If you’re not one for videos, here’s why it’s garnered a great reputation. The meeting table takes inspiration from a casino poker table and people are meant to travel from one idea to another by way of the ever-mysterious “curiosity boxes”.

It even has a digital canopy designed to stimulate the experience of being in a forest. It’s the perfect setting for a brainstorm.

Keep reading for restaurant options and one of the quirkiest places you could ever take someone – full stop.

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