The best and most unusual places for business meetings in London

Unusual places for business meetings
Office Space in Town: The one that loves a good old theme
If you’re truly after the best and most unusual places for business meetings then Office Space in Town is right for you. It offers a series of themed, boutique locations across the UK, six of which can be found in London.

One set in Mayfair is designed with the 1920s in mind, while the meeting room in Town Monument was created around Sunseeker’s luxury yachts. St Paul’s offers space dedicated to Old English culture – a gentleman’s club of sorts – and the meeting room in Euston is designed around the concept of travel and international cities.

The two quirkiest office spaces on offer, according to UK bosses, were in Waterloo and Liverpool Street. The former features designs lifted from Alice in Wonderland. For instance, there are Cheshire cat prints, corridors fitted to look like the Queen of Heart’s croquet field and, in its reception, the torso-less body of Alice herself. Her head emerges from the roof.

London Liverpool Street, on the other hand, takes its inspiration straight from Monopoly – it has “Chance” chests as coffee tables, and a “Go” sign hanging within its reception.

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