Move over millennials, Generation Z is on the way and was born ready for the workplace

Keeping them interested

Now the company has prioritised the channels it wants to operate on and has optimised its website for Generation Z candidates, the work continues. It is now time for HR professionals and recruiters to think carefully about the kinds of messages they want to push on networks.

Individuals from Generation Z are similar to millennials in that they want a company to reflect them personally. For many, the idea of working for a faceless corporation is mortifying. So, to attract the best and brightest, businesses need to let their personality shine through their posts—whether that be on social media or their career sites.

This will show candidates what kind of business you are and what kind of culture exists within the company. It will also help them visualise if they can see themselves working there.

It is critical that social platforms showcase your brand in a positive light and emphasise the types of perks that are on offer that would be enticing to Generation Z candidates.

Similar to other demographics, they are motivated by career advancement, great work-life balance, and job security, so ensure that these areas are covered with the content that is shared online. If you mention these types of benefits, without sounding sales-focused, it can pay dividends in attracting Generation Z workers to a business.

Your business is in tune with Gen Z's desires – you just don't know it

Make it a seamless process

The above strategies will help in filling a recruitment funnel, but unless the foundation of your business is strong, it is possible to crack under the weight of increased applicants. This makes investing in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) a must. It can make a real difference to the way a business operates, alleviating pressure on the HR team to manage the recruitment of high-quality candidates and complete the everyday, mundane, administrative tasks.

In other words, the right technology lets recruiters spend their time recruiting, rather than on administration. At present, there are only 27 per cent of UK recruiters using an ATS, so investing in one can differentiate the team and ensure they hire the cream of the crop.

Although it only felt like yesterday recruitment strategies were being revamped for millennials, Generation Z candidates are providing another challenge for HR and recruitment teams.

Still, this must be viewed as an opportunity. If a business adapts its strategies and practices in order to entice this generation, then it will be ahead of the general curve, helping it hire the best candidates on the market for years to come.

In keeping with this, there are rules for marketing to millennials – as revealed by a marketing millennial.

Amanda Van Nuys is senior manager of marketing at Jobvite

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