Moving your growing business from bedroom to boardroom

There comes a time when a home office won?t cut it anymore and if your business is headed in the right direction, you?ll likely begin needing more space and less distractions.

Interruptions and distractions

It may have been appealing to wander down the hall from your bedroom and sit at your desk when your business was in the very early stages, but often working at home can become rife with interruptions and distractions.

Even business owners with the best intentions can be pulled away from important tasks by children or partners who demand their attention, especially if family members are at home between usual working hours.

If you?re missing deadlines, important calls or neglecting clients as a result of interruptions, this will be affecting your bottom line ? it?s time to find some space away from disturbances.

Ensure you have a digital presence

You?ll no doubt be aware of the importance of having a website for your business, but it?s also key to ensure you bolster this with an engaged presence across social media. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can grow your brand and your following exponentially.

Take steps to ensure you?re getting your services in front of the right audience and use it as a tool to network ? you never know where your next client lead will come from and if you?re relocating to a new office, you can update them digitally.

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Communal energy

Don?t underestimate the value of working around other like-minded people. Often, business owners working from home can become isolated and lonely, which can manifest as a lack of motivation. An office environment gives you other people?s energy to feed off, as well as being able to ask them for advice and support.

If you hit a slump at 3pm you can take yourself away from your environment and recharge in a communal kitchen or break rooms before returning to your desk. Often working from home causes stress as home and work lives clash, so having an office space away from the house relieves this.

Communal office buildings provide the opportunity to develop your social life too, meeting new people with similar goals and issues, providing much needed moral support.

Plan, plan, plan!

What are your reasons for moving to an outside office? Is it to have a professional environment or increase your productivity? Is it because your business has grown and the workload can no longer be managed by yourself alone?

Asking yourself these questions will determine how big a space you need ? you will then need to ensure you?ve included all costs in a thorough budget. Make allowances for forecasted increases in revenue, but ensure you?ll have cash remaining after your outgoings in case of late payments or unexpected expenditures.

It can be daunting to make the change from running a business that has very few overheads to one that has several monthly payments to make, but ultimately, your own, dedicated office space will reflect positively on you and your business ? making you look professional and polished to existing and potential clients.

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Dave Sunter is business development manager at serviced office environment Stonebridge Offices, which provides furniture, telephone and internet connections.

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