MPs are a disgrace

“This scandal is getting worse by the day,” says Mullins, who has been fixing other people’s toilets since he was 12 and has built Pimlico Plumbers into a £15m-turnover business. “How can you tell me that MPs such as Elliot Morley, who claim £800 a month for 18 months for non-existent mortgages, are guilty of minor oversights” And that the matter should be allowed to rest, just because he paid it back two weeks ago?

“People who owe the taxman are hit with surcharges and are charged interest on the money they owe. Get caught fiddling your expenses in the private sector and you would be sacked.

“If you fiddle your expenses as an MP, you should be banned from parliament for life, and the worse cases should be dealt with by the courts. Those who commit what I consider to be criminal acts should be treated like common criminals.”Have MPs been let off too lightly” Let us know what you think.

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