Mullins considers a political career

The founder of Pimlico Plumbers has posted a message on his Twitter page, which reads: “Parliament – I’m seriously considering getting involved. I can add up honestly, something our present crop of MPs seem to have trouble with.”

Mullins is a Tory and tells Real Business he’d probably get involved with Vauxhall or Bermondsey where he grew up. "Being an MP is not just a job – it’s not about parachuting someone in for their own gain. It’s about giving back to the community that gave you a start in life," he tweets.

Mullins has been an outspoken critic of the government in recent times. His recent blog posts have covered topics from disgraced speaker Michael Martin (“What needs to happen, and soon, is parliament must be disolved and Gordon Brown must call an election. Sacking the Speaker of the House, Michael Martin, will not get MPs off the hook.”) and Alistair Darling’s prediction that the recession will be over by Christmas.

Speaking to Real Business earlier in the month, Mullins expressed his outrage at the expenses row.

“If you fiddle your expenses as an MP, you should be banned from parliament for life, and the worse cases should be dealt with by the courts. Those who commit what I consider to be criminal acts should be treated like common criminals,” he said.

Westminster, watch out.

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