Mullins moves to protect workers from swine flu

The FluPaks, produced by the makers of PatientPak, contain sanitising wipes, fabric spray, tissues, masks and a hygiene guide. Pimlico will be one of the first businesses in the UK to help protect its workers against swine flu with FluPak when it takes delivery of its consignment in September. Mullins says: "I’ve heard experts talking about the possibility of 35 per cent of people being off work at once, and thousands of schools having to close because of swine flu. London could grind to a standstill, but we have to make sure that our business is still able to operate. "Swine flu is possibly the most serious attack on the health of the British public since 1918 when Spanish Flu killed 50 million people around the world. "Everybody you talk to knows someone who has swine flu, and despite what the politicians are saying, there is no vaccine in sight. We can’t idly stand by and not do everything within our power to keep people safe from swine flu."

To help protect against swine flu, Pimlico Plumbers has already issued engineers with wipes and gels, bought from local chemists, and installed hospital style hand-wash dispensers around its Lambeth base.

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