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Multiplier strategies: Why 10x growth is easier than 2 times

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Many entrepreneurs are initially surprised when I tell them that, not only is it possible to predictably grow your business by ten times (10x), and even do this more than once if you like; but that 10x growth is actually easier than 2x growth.

The reason 10x is easier than 2x is that it requires you to think and do things in entirely different ways which, while it might seem like a greater challenge, is actually more energising, creatively liberating and differentiating than simply trying to do what you’ve always done, just a bit better. A really big goal that you choose, and that you’re passionate about achieving, has a way of focusing the mind. It makes prioritising and cleaning house easier and also gives your best team members something more inspiring and rewarding to focus on. And ironically, the tougher external circumstances may appear, the more useful the 10x idea is.

The secret to 10x growth lies not in a magical set of circumstances, exceptional entrepreneurial talent or luck, or even being in the right industry at the right time. Any entrepreneur can find 10x opportunity if they can learn to focus on and tap into the exceptional abundance that surrounds them. Doing so requires an attitude, a world-view that everything important is getting bigger and better as a result of capabilities that make things faster, easier and cheaper. This attitude is a choice.

All entrepreneurs have resources and capabilities at their disposal that were unimaginable even 20 years ago, yet turns in global affairs and the media’s tendency to focus on the negative obscure this opportunity and feed a scarcity mindset a mentality that everything that’s needed for future survival and progress is becoming scarce and, in the extreme, that nothing positive is getting bigger or better.

The most successful entrepreneurs those who are not only doing exceptionally well, but also creating innovations that are truly improving the lives of massive numbers of people approach the world from an abundance perspective. Everything they do is about using one capability to multiply another – developing a multiplier mindset which is the practical essence of abundance in action. They are masters at making the most of infinitely abundant resources around them that others may even fail to see as resources at all. Among these are their own capabilities, habits and key relationships.

The following five strategies will keep you focused on the abundance around you that you control, enabling you to strengthen your capability to multiply your results exponentially, no matter what the external circumstances.

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1. Focus on habits and forget about discipline

The biggest factor in achieving great results is the quality of your habits. Successful people have successful habits. Unsuccessful people have unsuccessful habits. If you want to see much bigger or better results in your life, you don’t need more discipline, you just need different habits. It is therefore vital that you are aware of your habits, what results they?re generating, and how to change them to support the exponentially bigger results you want to achieve.

When you set your sites on ten times growth, it becomes very clear which habits are no longer serving you and easier to begin to cultivate new habits that support bigger results. These may include the habit of saying no to things you shouldn?t be doing, or taking time off regularly so you can be at your most energetic and creative best. To truly free yourself up to go to the next level, you may need to trust your team members to handle key aspects of your business so you can focus on growth or strategy, and allow them to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them, so their capability grows along with yours.

By cultivating increasingly supportive habits, you gradually transform your way of thinking and acting into one where much more is possible and bigger things happen. This has nothing to do with lacking discipline. You have complete freedom to create the habits that will lead to the results you desire. It all starts with awareness, an unlimited resource.

2. Focus on clean-ups and multiply energy and productivity

Every entrepreneur who takes advantage of opportunities and makes changes to their business will undoubtedly created a few messes along the way to successfully multiplying their business. Essentially a mess is an unresolved issue in your mind, which can be defined as: An obligation to something or someone you no longer have any commitment to.

I define this as: Mess = Obligation Commitment

Few entrepreneurs make money from being in their personal office. In fact, for many, it can become a place to hide from opportunities and a place where they are at their lowest level of productivity and a place where messes collect. Typically speaking you can achieve your best results when you are out and about, creating opportunities with someone else or empowering them. This is why the ultimate clean-up for many entrepreneurs is to get rid of their personal office entirely. You may opt to work in a conference room or perhaps from your favourite caf or restaurant when necessary, ensuring that your assistant provides you with only what is necessary for the tasks at hand and then takes it all away when you’re done.

If you remove the messes weighing on your mind, the quality and value of your days will increase dramatically, although it may take some energy in the initial stages to tackle these issues and develop the necessary strategies needed to advance and prevent further messes from arising in the future. This is an investment in your future growth and freedom that pays off in countless ways from the moment you take action and do it.



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