Multiplier strategies: Why 10x growth is easier than 2 times

3. Focus on value and deepen your relationships

The three things every individual is most concerned about can be summed up as ?D.O.S. where D stands for dangers i.e. the possibility of losing something, O stands for opportunities just the opposite i.e. the possibility of gaining something, and S stands for strengths the capabilities and resources they have which they may or may not be taking advantage of.

Most businesspeople are entirely focussed on selling their product or service, and because of this, they miss the fact that potential or existing clients are usually more than willing to tell what their D.O.S. if only you?d ask. If they do, you have the potential to become the most valuable people in their life.

All the best opportunities to expand your business and multiply your results exponentially are connected to your clientele’s D.O.S. issues. Ask, listen and learn to act on what you hear, and their responses will provide opportunities to grow in ways you could not have imagined and that your competition won’t be able to fathom.

4. Focus on results and transform obstacles

When visualising a goal, it is completely natural to immediately bring up all the obstacles that stand between you and the achievement of your vision. In isolation, this is fine. The problem arises when people let these obstacles become a source of fear, frustration or overwhelm, to the point where they put the goal aside. The good news about obstacles is that all those things that seem to oppose your goals are actually the raw material for achieving them.

If you focus on the result and the measurable ways you can get there, it’s easier to approach the obstacles with a sense of purpose. Start by really telling the truth about the situation, which may bring up things that are not as you want them to be. Acknowledge as many obstacles as you can. Then look at them one at a time, so they don’t seem as daunting. This will make it much easier for you to devise strategic solutions and posssibly bring others on board to resolve them which multiplies your capability. Ultimately, once this becomes habitual to you, obstacles will no longer stop you and the associated angst disappears.

This is also at the heart of what you do for your clients and customers. When you can help a client or customer focus on a result they?d like to see in their life, and then help them transform all the obstacles they see opposing them, your business with them transcends the transactional, and you become a trusted adviser or partner in some area of their life. When they know they can rely on you for this, you will have a customer for life and a great source of referrals.

5. Focus on capabilities to multiply confidence

Confidence is the electricity of the entrepreneurial world. Many people talk about confidence as a character trait, you’re either born with it or you’re not, or a byproduct of past events in your life. I find it much more useful to see it as a resource you can continuously and consciously develop. Since everything tends to work when you’re confident and little does when you’re not, as an entrepreneur, your number one responsibility is to protect your confidence. One way to do this is to review your achievements on a daily or weekly basis, and use them as a source of new insights, including improvements for the future. 

Resist the urge to include what didn?t work when you do this exercise. Another is to identify your strengths, talents and passions, as well as those of your team members, and use these to establish capability goals?. Think, what would it look like if I could develop this capability ten times, or use it to create ten times more value

At the moment, many people’s confidence about the future is at an all-time low. However, if you learn to generate your own confidence, you free yourself from the negative emotional influence of unexpected and unpredictable external events. Instead, you have your full faculties available to adjust and see the massive opportunity that always accompanies change. This gives you a huge advantage in the marketplace, which of course leads to even greater confidence.

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