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If you reckon policemen are getting younger, prepare to feel past it. Tom O’Donohoe and Mark Fitzgerald run the UK’s fastest-growing firm, and are a disturbingly youthful 27 and 29 years old. They founded MX Telecom six years ago, at the sort of age when most lads are reading FHM and fantasising about playing for Man U. If Alan Sugar met them today he’d probably ruffle their hair and toss them both a shiny six-pence.

Their youth makes their achievement all the more heroic. MX has grown an average of 609 per cent every year for four years – no other firm in the Hot 100 even comes close. With their SMS gateways, they’ve taken on huge manufacturers like Ericsson and Alcatel, and operators like 02 and Vodafone, and come off emphatic winners. And they’ve done it all with no backing, and no experience in management.

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