My 2012: Ariadne Capital’s Julie Meyer

Serial entrepreneur and investor Julie Meyer gives her predictions for the year ahead:

I’ll remember 2011 for… the year Ariadne did a second close of our Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund. 

2012 will be great because… change brings opportunity. The world is moving towards what I call “Entrepreneur Country”, and that will usher in a great amount of innovation, accountability, transparency and opportunity. My book, Welcome to Entrepreneur Country, will be published as well. 

One sector we’ll hear a lot from next year will be… British healthcare, which is ripe for opening up. Companies to watch include Patients Know Best, TGS Software (fitness industry software), Weight Wins, and Genestack. 

The one thing that would help me grow my business in 2012 is… I believe many business owners and entrepreneurs are gob-smacked that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs has been cutting special deals with the likes of Vodafone and Goldman and, according to the papers, not bringing in some £25bn of tax revenue from the big boys that they could have. At the same time, we all know a couple of small fry that have been hounded relentlessly I have to admit since I work with startups, I’ve heard some awful stories. It really beggars belief. So the government could crack down on the breach of trust with the citizenry in favouring big business over these tax matters. Should this not be resolved appropriately with these organisations paying their fair share of tax, and this being reported accordingly, they may find that individuals decide to use the Freedom of Information Act to demand the details of these goings on. Personally, I find this to be a real scandal and probably fraudulent. 

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is… In 2012, I am determined to make time to get my British passport!

Real Business will be running the “My 2012” series for the next month, bringing you top entrepreneurs’ views and predictions of the year ahead.

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