My 2012: GEAR4’s Tom Dudderidge

GEAR4 founder Tom Dudderidge shares his predictions for the year ahead:

I’ll remember 2011 as… the year that started with the post mortem of a very tough Christmas trading period, but ended with the triumph of a global hit product.

2012 will be great because… so many of our long-term strategies will come to fruition. Our US business will be growing, we?ll be launching our range of wireless audio products, and the “appcessories” market will come to life. While we don?t expect the macro-economic situation to make our lives easy, we still see so much opportunity for growth.

One company we’ll hear a lot from next year will be… Moshi Monsters, an online community which has a trajectory much like that of Angry Birds. It?s great to see another UK company going global.

The one thing that would help me grow my business in 2012 would be… for the government to support post-PC technology businesses like us and app developers. The world is changing and these new markets will be measured in tens of billions in the coming years. The UK needs to grab its fair share of this rapidly evolving global market.

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is… to keep working hard, but take a few weeks off. I really need to take my family on holiday in 2012!

Real Business will be running the “My 2012” series for the next month, bringing you top entrepreneurs’ views and predictions of the year ahead.

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