My 2012: Notion Capital’s Jos White

Jos White, the founder of MessageLabs and Notion Capital, gives?Real Business?his predictions for 2012.

I’ll remember 2011 for… the death of Steve Jobs. Just the most amazing visionary in the tech world that touched so many people’s lives and led to people all over the world to have a different kind of relationship with technology. 

2012 will be great because… it will be about how businesses can use the power of social networks to make them more successful and challenge larger competitors. The consumer leads the technology world now and businesses follow. I think social networks for the consumer are starting to plateau and we will see more and more how businesses can use social technologies.

One person we’ll hear a lot from next year will be… on the positive side, Jack Dorsey. To be driving both the fastest growing payment gateway provider in Square and also in charge of the product development at Twitter puts him in a position of great influence and opportunity. I’m very interested to see how he evolves the Twitter user experience as I believe it has so much untapped potential. 

On the negative side, it has to be Steve Ballmer. Never before have I seen a company with so much profit and money still unable to shift its share price for over ten years. Expect Steve to continue to buy his way into the future and continue to fail to move the share price, heaping more and more pressure on his position as CEO.

The one thing that would help me grow my business in 2012 is… closing our new fund at Notion Capital and continuing our strategy to invest in cloud computing businesses with huge potential where we can help them to achieve it. 

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is… to sit in a quiet room every now and then reading or writing or even doing nothing: far away from all my data and devices!

Real Business will be running the “My 2012” series for the next month, bringing you top entrepreneurs’ views and predictions of the year ahead.

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