My 2012: SuperJam’s Fraser Doherty

What does Fraser Doherty, founder of SuperJam and BakeLab, expect in 2012?

I’ll remember 2011 for… seeing SuperJam launch in six countries outside of the UK; including Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and even Russia!

2012 will be great because… we’re launching SuperJam Jr for kids and also launching our brand in the US for the first time.

One industry we’ll hear a lot from next year will be… small artisan food producers (micro distilleries, micro smokehouses, micro cheese makers).

The one thing that would help me grow my business in 2012 would be… to be better at spinning lots of plates at once, trying to build the brand in different countries all at once.

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is… to host our biggest ever free tea party for the elderly!

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