My 2012: Young Apprentice’s James McCullagh

James McCullagh, who finished second in Young Apprentice this year, gives his predictions for 2012:

1. I’ll remember 2011 for… the Young Apprentice, obviously. It was a fantastic business experience. I learned so much about teamwork, leadership and I would say I am much more commercially aware than before. 

2. 2012 will be great because… I will grab opportunities. I’m going to take a year out and I’m actually looking for employment for a gap year. I want to earn some money to pay for a degree!

3. One industry we’ll hear a lot from this year will be… social networking. It will continue to grow and apps will become more and more popular. But we will also see more environmentally-friendly products, resources are limited and even from an economic view as opposed to an environmental point of view we must look to new environmentally-friendly industries. The green industry will really grow this year ? there is a pun there somewhere. 

4. One thing that would help me grow my business in 2012 is… for the government to continue to cut red tape and bureaucracy. Entrepreneurs want to spend time inventing, marketing and selling. Not filling out forms. We must make it easy for people to turn their ideas into a business.

5. My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is… To win The Apprentice, for a change! No, I’m kidding. I’m going to take any opportunities and work harder than ever. 2011 was great but I have to ensure 2012 is even better. 

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